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+The main way you'll interact with your Clojurecraft bots is through event handlers.
+Event handlers are functions you create that respond to events that happen in the
+Minecraft world.  They return a list of Actions that you want your bot to perform.
+Event handlers are pure functions that should take the bot as their first argument.
+Their other arguments will depend on the particular handler.
+Creating and Registering Event Handlers
+The first thing you need to do is create an event handling function::
+    (defn jump-on-chat [bot message]
+      [(clojurecraft.actions/jump bot)])
+Then register the handler for the action::
+    (clojurecraft.events/add-handler bot :chat `jump-on-chat)
+Notice that you don't pass the function directly to the ``add-handler`` function.
+You pass a syntax quoted symbol to the function.  This is an extra character to type,
+but it means you can redefine the function in the REPL and your changes will take
+effect immediately in all of the currently running bots.
+Available Events
+You can register handlers for the following events.
+    (defn chat-handler [message]
+      [... actions ...])
+Chat events are fired when a chat message arrives.
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 Once your bot is in the world you're all set to play around.  At the moment the only
 action implemented is basic movement.  Move your bot around with ``act/move``::
-    (act/move bot 2 0 1)
+    (force (act/move bot 2 0 1))
 The numbers are the x, y, and z distance you wish to move.  For now you can't use the
 ``y`` argument -- you must always pass ``0``.
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 Now try jumping::
-    (act/jump bot)
+    (force (act/jump bot))
 Clojurecraft isn't stable and is evolving quickly, but you can check out these docs
 to read about some of the design decisions.  As soon as you see a ``v1.0.0`` tag