.plan A personal notebook.
adopt A Damn OPTion parser for Common Lisp.
advent My solutions to Advent of Code problems.
antipodes IGI Community Game Jam 1.
badwolf A color scheme for Vim.
beast A Basic Entity/Aspect/System Toolkit for Common Lisp.
bobbin A tiny string wrapping library in Common Lisp.
brows A port of urlview in Common Lisp.
cacl Yet Another God Damn TUI RPN Calculator.
caves The code for my Caves of Clojure series of blog posts.
chancery A text and data generation library for Common Lisp, inspired by Tracery.
cl-blt Common Lisp bindings for bearlibterminal, with a Lispy interface on top.
cl-chip8 A CHIP-8 emulator in Common Lisp.
cl-digraph A mutable directed graph implementation for Common Lisp.
cl-ggp A tiny framework for writing GGP players in Common Lisp.
cl-losh My personal Common Lisp utilities.
cl-netpbm Common Lisp support for reading/writing PPM, PGM, and PBM files.
cl-nrepl NREPL server for Common Lisp (abandoned).
cl-pcg Permuted congruential generators in Common Lisp.
clam.vim A lightweight Vim plugin for working with shell commands.
clojurecraft A Clojure framework for writing Minecraft bots (abandoned).
coding-math Working through Coding Math videos in Common Lisp with Sketch.
conserve Yet Another CSV Library for Common Lisp.
d Markdown files to documentation. Nothing else.
docs.stevelosh.com Hosted documentation.
dotfiles My personal dotfiles repo. Turn back now.
euler My solutions to Project Euler problems.
flax Weaving art from seeds.
friendly-find A friendlier find (1).
gdl.vim Vim support for GDL (Game Description Language).
gundo.vim A Vim plugin to visualize your undo tree.
hg-prompt A Mercurial extension to add the 'prompt' command.
hg-review A code review extension for Mercurial.
hg.stevelosh.com Templates and config for hg.stevelosh.com.
hgext.readme A Mercurial extension for displaying README files in hgweb.
jarl JSON (another reimplementation) in Lisp.
learnvimscriptthehardway Source of 'Learn Vimscript the Hard Way'.
magitek Whimsical robots infused with a hint of magic.
mazes Working through 'Mazes for Programmers' in Common Lisp with Sketch.
mercurial-cli-templates My prettier templates for Mercurial CLI stuff.
newseasons A Clojure webapp for notifying users when new seasons of TV shows hit iTunes.
peat Peat repeats commands.
rosalind Solutions to Rosalind problems in Common Lisp.
roul A tiny Clojure library for working with random numbers.
sand A sandbox of random Common Lisp things.
scully A General Game Player for imperfect-information games.
silt Ludum Dare 34.
silt2 Lisp Game Jam, August 2016.
splice.vim A Vim plugin for managing three-way merges.
stevelosh.com My personal website.
strftimedammit.vim A Vim documentation file that lists strftime formatting characters for several languages.
t A command line todo list manager for people that want to finish tasks, not organize them.
tdcb Code/exercises from The Data Compression Book.
temperance A logic programming library for Common Lisp.
vim-bencode Vimscript implementation of bencode.