.plan A personal notebook.
adopt A Damn OPTion parser for Common Lisp.
advent My solutions to Advent of Code problems.
antipodes IGI Community Game Jam 1.
badwolf A color scheme for Vim.
beast A Basic Entity/Aspect/System Toolkit for Common Lisp.
bobbin A tiny string wrapping library in Common Lisp.
brows A port of urlview in Common Lisp.
cacl Yet Another God Damn TUI RPN Calculator.
caves The code for my Caves of Clojure series of blog posts.
chancery A text and data generation library for Common Lisp, inspired by Tracery.
cl-blt Common Lisp bindings for bearlibterminal, with a Lispy interface on top.
cl-chip8 A CHIP-8 emulator in Common Lisp.
cl-digraph A mutable directed graph implementation for Common Lisp.
cl-ggp A tiny framework for writing GGP players in Common Lisp.
cl-losh My personal Common Lisp utilities.
cl-netpbm Common Lisp support for reading/writing PPM, PGM, and PBM files.
cl-nrepl NREPL server for Common Lisp (abandoned).
cl-pcg Permuted congruential generators in Common Lisp.
clam.vim A lightweight Vim plugin for working with shell commands.
clojurecraft A Clojure framework for writing Minecraft bots (abandoned).
coding-math Working through Coding Math videos in Common Lisp with Sketch.
conserve Yet Another CSV Library for Common Lisp.
d Markdown files to documentation. Nothing else.
dbvolve Database evolutions for Common Lisp.
docs.stevelosh.com Hosted documentation.
dotfiles My personal dotfiles repo. Turn back now.
euler My solutions to Project Euler problems.
flax Weaving art from seeds.
friendly-find A friendlier find (1).
gdl.vim Vim support for GDL (Game Description Language).
gundo.vim A Vim plugin to visualize your undo tree.
hg-prompt A Mercurial extension to add the 'prompt' command.
hg-review A code review extension for Mercurial.
hg.stevelosh.com Templates and config for hg.stevelosh.com.
hgext.readme A Mercurial extension for displaying README files in hgweb.
iacc Working through this, using Common Lisp and targeting ARM64.
jarl JSON (another reimplementation) in Lisp.
learnvimscriptthehardway Source of 'Learn Vimscript the Hard Way'.
magitek Whimsical robots infused with a hint of magic.
mazes Working through 'Mazes for Programmers' in Common Lisp with Sketch.
mercurial-cli-templates My prettier templates for Mercurial CLI stuff.
mw (My|Mini|Make|Markdown) Wiki, a small personal wiki generator.
mycelium Lisp Game Jam, Spring 2021.
newseasons A Clojure webapp for notifying users when new seasons of TV shows hit iTunes.
peat Peat repeats commands.
rosalind Solutions to Rosalind problems in Common Lisp.
roul A tiny Clojure library for working with random numbers.
sand A sandbox of random Common Lisp things.
scully A General Game Player for imperfect-information games.
silt Ludum Dare 34.
silt2 Lisp Game Jam, August 2016.
splice.vim A Vim plugin for managing three-way merges.
stevelosh.com My personal website.
strftimedammit.vim A Vim documentation file that lists strftime formatting characters for several languages.
t A command line todo list manager for people that want to finish tasks, not organize them.
tdcb Code/exercises from The Data Compression Book.
temperance A logic programming library for Common Lisp.
vim-bencode Vimscript implementation of bencode.