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 For Bazaar 2.4 or greater, add the following line to bazaar.conf:
-    bzr.mergetool.threesome = vim {base} {this} {other} {result} -c 'ThreesomeInit'
+    bzr.mergetool.threesome = mvim {base} {this} {other} {result} -c 'ThreesomeInit'
 Optionally, change the default merge tool by setting:
@@ -75,7 +75,7 @@
 For earlier versions of Bazaar, set the following entry in bazaar.conf:
-    external_merge = vim %b %t %o %r -c 'ThreesomeInit'
+    external_merge = mvim %b %t %o %r -c 'ThreesomeInit'
 **Note:** replace `mvim` with `gvim` if you're on Linux, or just plain `vim` if you prefer to keep the editor in the console.