A fork of https://www.mercurial-scm.org/wiki/MarkdownExtension that tears out most of its guts and just adds a single thing: a /readme endpoint that will display the repository's README. If the README ends with .md or .markdown it will be rendered with python-markdown, otherwise it will just display the raw text in a <pre>.


  1. Install python-markdown.
  2. Clone this repository to /example/hgext.readme
  3. Add the following to your hgweb config:

    [extensions] hgext.readme=/example/hgext.readme

    [web] # optional; 'tip' is default value. markdown.changeid = tip

  4. Create a readme template in whatever templates directory you're using and install it in the map file (e.g. readme = readme.tmpl).

  5. Create the readme.tmpl and make it look like you want. Inside the template, {readme_content} will contain the HTML of the README.
  6. Optional: update the default in map to make readme the endpoint served at /.


This extension enables users with commit/push access to the repos to create arbitrary html content that may be browsed by other users. At this time no attempt has been made to detect or prevent attacks such as cross-site scripting (xss) and other types of attacks. In general this extension should only be used if you trust all users with push access.