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 Basic Concepts
-When you connect to a server you get a ``Bot`` object back.  You can connect with
-``(clojurecraft.core/connect {:name "hostname" :port INT} "username")``.
+The basic flow of creating a Minecraft bot with Clojurecraft looks like this:
+* Connect to a Minecraft server to get a ``Bot`` object.
+* Define and add events handlers to the bot.
+* Define and add loops to the bot.
+* Let the bot do its thing.
+* Disconnect the bot from the server.
+You can also manually tell a bot to perform actions from a REPL.
+You can connect to a Minecraft server with the ``connect`` function::
+    (clojurecraft.core/connect {:name "hostname" :port INT} "username")
+You can also pass ``nil`` as a username to get a random string of letters.
-Once you've got a bot you can query it for data about its world and tell it to
-perform actions.
+When you connect to a server you get a ``Bot`` object back.  Once you've got a bot
+you can query it for data about its world, tell it to perform actions, and add event
+handlers and loops.
+Event Handlers
+Event handlers are functions that let your bot react to things that happen in the
+world.  Check out the :doc:`Event Handlers </events>` page for more information.
+Loops are functions that run every ``N`` milliseconds and let your bot query the
+world and perform actions.  Check out the :doc:`Loops </loops>` page for more
+To disconnect a bot from the server you simply call the ``disconnect`` function::
+    (clojurecraft.core/disconnect bot)
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 Check out the :doc:`Quick Start Guide </quickstart>` if you want to poke around.
+* Mercurial Repo: http://bitbucket.org/sjl/clojurecraft/
+* Git Repo: http://github.com/sjl/clojurecraft/
+* Documentation: http://clojurecraft.rtfd.org/
+* Issue Tracker: http://github.com/sjl/clojurecraft/issues/
+Table of Contents
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-Indices and tables
-* :ref:`genindex`
-* :ref:`search`