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I'm Steve. I'm a programmer currently living in Rochester, NY and working

I graduated from [Rochester Institute of Technology][rit] in 2008 with
a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, worked full-time until 2015, then went
to graduate school.  I graduated from [Reykjavík University][RU] in 2017 with
a Master's degree in Computer Science.  Since then I've returned to working full-time.

I'm currently a Staff Software Engineer at [10X Genomics][].

If you'd *really* like to get to know me you should look at the [projects][] and
[blog posts][] I've written, or just read my code on [GitHub][].

[projects]: /projects/
[blog posts]: /blog/

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## Languages & Tools

My current programming language of choice is for personal projects is [Common
Lisp][].  I've used it for a variety of projects, including:

[Common Lisp]:

* A [CHIP-8 emulator](/blog/2016/12/chip8-cpu/)
* My [Master's thesis in General Game Playing](
* Several [fun Twitter bots](
* A [Prolog VM](
* Various [Project Euler problems](
* Various [Rosalind problems](
* An [entry in the August 2016 Lisp Game Jam](
* An [entry in the Icelandic Game Industry Community Game Jam](

I also gave [a talk]( at the 2017 European Lisp
Symposium in Brussels about General Game Playing with Common Lisp.

I've also had significant professional experience programming with [Go][],
[Python][], [Django][], [Scala][], [Clojure][], [Java][], [PostgreSQL][], and
lots of various glue languages like [bash][].  I've used [AWS][] (services like
EC2, S3, RDS, KMS, etc) at several jobs, and managed VPSes myself at others.

I've had some professional experience with frontend languages like
[JavaScript][], [CSS][], [HTML][], and [Django][]'s template system, but I don't
consider myself a frontend developer and prefer to work mostly on the backend
side of things.

I have some passing familiarity with [C][], [C++][], and [C#][] (through
[Unity][]), but I don't consider myself experienced in any of them.

I also wrote [a book]( about
[Vimscript][vim], which is freely available online and has sold over a thousand
copies of the ebook edition.


## Timeline

The following is a summary of my academic and professional positions.  More
details are available on request.

### 10X Genomics

*Staff Sofware Engineer, October 2021 to present.*  
*Senior Software Engineer, October 2018 to October 2021.*

At [10X Genomics][] I worked with a small team to create the [Cloud Analysis][]
platform, with the embedded software team to design connectivity for instruments
like the [Chromium X][], and with the computational biology team on pipeline

Most of my work at 10X is in [Go][], [SQL][], and [Python][]. I'm in the primary
on-call rotation, triaging and solving issues detected by our monitoring in
Cloud Analysis.

[10X Genomics]:
[Cloud Analysis]:
[Chromium X]:

### Simple

*Senior Software Engineer, September 2017 to September 2018.*

After graduating from RU I rejoined my previous team at [Simple][].  I resumed
my work on the Backend Engineering team creating and maintaining backend
services in [Scala][], [Java][], and [Clojure][].  I also rejoined the primary
on-call rotation, which handled triaging and solving issues detected by our
monitoring systems.


### Reykjavík University

*Graduate Student in Computer Science, August 2015 to June 2017.*

At [RU][] I studied topics like theoretical computer science, natural language
processing, Prolog VM implementation, and video game design and development.
I also wrote and defended a Master's thesis in the field of General Game

### Simple

*Senior Software Engineer, July 2013 to July 2015.*

At [Simple][] I worked on the Backend Engineering Team creating and maintaining
services in [Scala][], [Java][], and [Clojure][].  I was also in the primary
on-call rotation during my time there.


### Participatory Culture Foundation

*Senior Software Engineer, September 2011 to June 2013.*

At the [PCF][] I helped maintain and extend the [Amara][] subtitling website.
My work was primarily in [Django][] and [Python][], using [South][] for database
migrations and [Vagrant][] for development environments.


### Dumbwaiter Design

*Senior Software Engineer, January 2010 to September 2011.*

At [Dumbwaiter][DWD] I worked with a small team of designers and developers to
create beautiful websites backed by [Django][] and [Python][].  I focused
primarily on backend development and system administration, but also contributed
frontend [Javascript][] and [CSS][] when necessary.



*Software Engineer, June 2008 to January 2010.*

At [PAETEC][] I maintained and implemented new features for web applications in
[Java][] using the [Oracle E-Business Suite][oebs] and worked on underlying
[SQL][] and [PL/SQL][] code for our databases.


### Excellus BlueCross BlueShield

*Data Architecture Co-op, June 2007 to November 2007.*

At [Excellus][] I developed software in [Java][] to interact with and manage
databases of customer and provider information stored on a mainframe, and
created/maintained [JUnit][] and [Jemmy][] tests for this software.

[Excellus BlueCross BlueShield]:

### RightNow Technologies

*Managed Services Programmer, June 2006 to November 2006.*

At [RightNow][] I developed a set of tools to test the effectiveness of
voice-automated telephone systems, written in a combination of [bash
scripting][bash] and [Python][], and helped generate statistics about the
effectiveness of these systems for customers.

[RightNow Technologies]:

### Rochester Institute of Technology

*Undergraduate Student in Computer Science, September 2003 to June 2008.*

At [RIT][] I studied a variety of topics related to Computer Science and
Software Engineering, as well as several other areas including a Liberal Arts
concentration in American Sign Language.

## Contact Me

If you want to contact me, email is usually best:

Phone number/mailing address are available on request.