src/examples/jumpbot.clj @ eb08d252e542

Add an actual bot to the jumpbot example file.
author Steve Losh <>
date Thu, 31 May 2012 18:35:46 -0400
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(ns examples.jumpbot
  (:require [clojurecraft.core :as core])
  (:require [ :as events])
  (:require [clojurecraft.loops :as loops])
  (:require [clojurecraft.actions :as actions]))

(defn jump [bot]
  [(actions/jump bot)])

(defn handle-dead [bot]
  [(actions/chat bot "WHY DO YOU NOT WANT ME TO JUMP?!")
   (actions/respawn bot)])

(defn make-jumpbot [server username]
  (let [bot (core/connect server username)]
    (events/add-handler bot :dead #'handle-dead)
    (loops/add-loop bot #'jump 2000 :jump-loop)

(require '(clojurecraft [core :as core] [actions :as actions]))
(def bot (make-jumpbot core/minecraft-local "jimmy"))
(core/disconnect bot)