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Action docs.
author Steve Losh <>
date Wed, 10 Aug 2011 02:01:06 -0400
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Actions are functions that take a ``Bot`` object and some arguments, and return
a delayed function that will handle writing the packets to your bot perform the

If you want to make your bot perform an action immediately you should use ``force``
to make it happen::

    (force (clojurecraft.actions/jump bot))

Technically you don't need to use ``force``, because the REPL's printing will force
the result to be evaluated, but conceptually it's a good habit to get into.


``(clojurecraft.actions/jump bot)``

Tells the bot to jump, if possible.


``(clojurecraft.actions/move bot x y z)``

The ``move`` action adjusts the location of the bot.  This lets it move around the

Right now you can't really use the ``y`` argument.  Use ``clojurecraft.actions/jump``

This action is fairly low level.  Expect to see some fun path-finding
algorithms/libraries in the future that will remove the need to call this directly.