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author Steve Losh <>
date Tue, 14 Jan 2020 20:12:41 -0500
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cl-netpbm is a pure Common Lisp library for reading and writing the [netpbm
image formats (PPM, PGM, and PBM)](

These image formats are very simple, but not efficient.  If you need extreme
performance you should not use these formats (or this library).

* **License:** MIT/X11
* **Documentation:** <>
* **Mercurial:** <>
* **Git:** <>

cl-netpbm can be installed with Quicklisp: `(ql:quickload :cl-netpbm)`.

The `cl-netpbm` system provides all the functionality of the library.  It has no

The `cl-netpbm/test` system provides the unit tests.  It depends on `1am` and
`external-program`, and also requires [ImageMagick][im] for its fuzz testing.