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Refactor a number of things

1. Removed the (vendored) dependency on Quickutils.
2. Removed dependency on Roswell for running unit tests.
3. All system-running functions are expanded into `ARITY` nested loops, not just those with arity 2 or smaller.
4. Modernized the file/directory structure to match my recent projects.
5. Added more unit tests to cover parts of the code that weren't being tested before.
6. The internal system argument indexes are now vectors instead of lists.
7. Exported `all-entities` for debugging.
author Steve Losh <steve@stevelosh.com>
date Sun, 29 Aug 2021 14:41:27 -0400
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#!/usr/bin/env bash

set -e

which figlet >/dev/null && FIG="figlet -kf $1" || FIG="echo"
which lolcat >/dev/null && LOL="lolcat --freq=0.25" || LOL="cat"



$FIG "$@" | sed -Ee 's/ +$$//' | tr -s '\n' | $LOL