Fix README, Adopt is in Quicklisp now
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author Steve Losh <steve@stevelosh.com>
date Tue, 27 Apr 2021 18:48:26 -0400
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 Adopt aims to be a simple, robust option parser.  It can automatically print
 help information and even generate `man` pages for you.
-Adopt is compatible with Quicklisp, but not *in* Quicklisp (yet).  You can clone
-the repository into your [Quicklisp local-projects directory][local] for now.
+Adopt can be installed with Quicklisp: `(ql:quickload :adopt)`.
 The `adopt` system contains the core API and depends on [Bobbin][] and
@@ -25,6 +24,5 @@
 The tests pass on SBCL, CCL, ECL, and ABCL on Ubuntu 18.04.  Further testing is
-[local]: https://www.quicklisp.org/beta/faq.html#local-project
 [Bobbin]: https://github.com/sjl/bobbin
 [split-sequence]: https://www.cliki.net/split-sequence